Tahoe Speedboat Company, LLC
Tahoe Speedboat Company, LLC

With the weather warming up and boating creeping into all our minds, it is time to start thinking of summer.


Tahoe Speedboat performs any and all types of boat and trailer repairs or upgrades you might need or want. At your request, we will supply you with an estimate of the parts and normal labor necessary for a requested repair. We ask that you pay for the parts up front and we will bill you for the labor. We guarantee the labor on all jobs we perform for 30 days or 10 running hours, whichever occurs first. Major repairs or upgrades are done in the winter and we require that you store your boat with us (storage fees apply). Tahoe Speedboat is licensed and insured. For your convenience we accept payment in cash, credit card, or check. Prices are subject to change.

Our goal is to accommodate all your boating needs so that you may enjoy your boating season with the least amount of effort or worry. We look forward to serving you and all your boating needs!


Tahoe Speedboat has been in business in the Tahoe area since 1994. We are a warranty shop for most boat manufactures and certified for most marine engines; specializing in high altitude adjustments for all boat types. We specialize in high performance engines and supercharger installations. We encourage you to contact your boat manufacturer for a reference.

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