Tahoe Speedboat Company, LLC
Tahoe Speedboat Company, LLC

Standard Labor Rate $142 per hour

Activations: check all engine fluid levels; check belts, hoses & wiring; check engine accessories; check fuel system; check props; perform check list on boat; water hose test/run engine

High Performance Engines $195 ea
General Engines $150 ea
Fresh Water Systems (flush & fill) $45
Jet Skis $95

Winterizations: Prep engine & boat for winter storage, drain engines, coolers, sea strainers, etc. or antifreeze engine

Standard Engine $150
High Performance Engines $210
Fresh water, showers, ballast System $45 ea.

Overnight Battery Charge $15

Invasive Species Fees

(No inspections will be done at launch facilities this year). 
Boats sealed last year, purchase a Tahoe Only sticker $30

Boats without seals (for any reason) need inspection at Alpine Meadows between 8:00am and 8:00pm, purchase an annual In & Out sticker (fees listed below)

17-21 feet $65 fee
21+-26 feet $75 fee
26+-39 feet $85 fee
39+ feet $105 fee

Towing, inspections-labor only (fees apply): $95 per hr

Tune Ups: R/R distributor cap & rotor (if necessary), spark plugs, fuel filter, engine mount inspection, check belts & test ignition system (parts not included) $312.50 per engine

Impeller Change (Belt driven): R/R Impeller, check housing & mounts (parts not included) $250

Impeller Change (Crank mounted): R/R Impeller, check housing & mounts (parts not included) $125

 Impeller Change (Alpha Drive): R/R Impeller, Complete Drive Service included (parts not included) $317.50

Oil / Filter Change (parts & waste charge not included) $100.00

Drive Service: R&R drive, check alignment, inspect & grease U-joint, Transom shield, gimbal ring/bearing, shift function, trim & tilt system, check fluid for leaks, check levels. R&R gear lube (Lube not included) $312

Custom Computer Tuning/re-calibration $250 per hr

Fiberglass & Upholstery Repairs (pre work estimates upon request-we make all necessary arrangements plus transportation)


(Best detail service-guaranteed)

16’-19’ $16 per ft.

20’-23’ $20 per ft.

24’-up $24 per ft.

SIMPLE DETAIL: Wash & wax hull; wipe down hardware; wash canvas covers; wash down trailer. Cockpit: Clean & treat leather/vinyl seating w/ UV protectant; vacuum/clean flooring; clean out all cubbies & vacuum/wipe down; clean side walls; clean instrument panel; wash windows. Cabin (when available): Clean galley/sinks/refrigerator; wash windows; clean head & related areas; clean & treat interior leather/vinyl;

Hard water spot removal (with detail) $2.50 per ft
Gelcoat restoration (includes hull wax) $100 per hr
Steam cleaning (carpets, upholstery, canvas) $45-$85
Pressure Washing Hull Bottom (chemical treated) $80-$100


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